Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is an ancient Hawaiian tradition that means “to shift energy”. Derived from the ancient master healers of Hawaii, it is a healing massage that combines breath, stretching and bodywork to create a sacred space for mind and body to realign with spirit.

A Lomi Lomi massage is characterized by fluid and rhythmic strokes made by the hands and forearms. Despite its gentle movements, it works deeply into the muscles to encourage the release of long-held tension and stress. Its long, intuitive motions are said to resemble the ocean’s gentle waves — washing away old, unhealthful patterns that no longer serve you so you can welcome a new sense of peace and harmony.

There is no set sequence for Lomi Lomi as it is an intuitive skill. It may be faster and more revitalizing or slower and more calming, depending on how your body responds. Different parts of your body may also be worked simultaneously, instead of just one area in isolation. This is to keep your brain from narrowing its focus and to enable you to embrace blissful relaxation.


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