Acupressure is a massage therapy technique that uses slow rhythmic pressure to stimulate points on your meridians — the channels through which chi (vital life energy) flows. This ancient natural remedy removes energy imbalances, congestion and stagnation, which often cause or accentuate physical aches and pains.

When an acupressure trigger point is held, muscle tension subsides. The muscle fibres relax, allowing blood to circulate more freely, and harmful toxins to be released and eliminated more effectively. Gentle stretching may also be applied to further enhance energy flow throughout the body and promote its natural ability to heal itself.

The effects of acupressure therapy extend far beyond pain relief. It also offers relief from trauma, burnout, headache and insomnia. By improving circulation, it allows more oxygen and essential nutrients into affected tissues. This increases your body’s immune response and resistance to disease, empowering you to live a more healthful and vibrant life.


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